Paint-n-Sip FAQ

Bear Pond Winery Paint-N-Sip FAQ
What should I expect?
A typical party at Bear Pond Winery Paint and Sip is an event like no other. You will be instructed to paint a one-of-a-kind masterpiece! The atmosphere is laid back and relaxing... It’s all about having a GOOD TIME!
Do I need to bring anything?
All you need to bring is yourself! We provide everything: paint, canvas, brush and apron. Come to the event a few minutes early so you can grab a drink or a bite to eat. We have a selection of beer, wine, soft drinks and water for sale at the winery!
What should I wear?
Bear Pond Winery Paint and Sip is a great place for a night out! Although aprons will be provided, please dress accordingly. Let’s face it..SPLATTER happens! 
Bear Pond Winery Paint and Sip does NOT allow guests to bring their own alcohol. We have a selection of beer and wine available for purchase. We will also provide snacks and our Café will remain open.